Hoppers are Fo-Ho’s! What about you?

Hola Amigos!

Did you notice I started with Amigos this time, instead of Hoppers? If so you just might be a Fo-Ho!

Now for those of you who didn’t notice the difference, it might be that you haven’t joined the fun here in Cozumel just yet. If you haven’t yet, that’s ok, but we want you to come join the fun and become a Fo-Ho too! If you aren’t sure what that means, not to worry, we’ll explain so that you can join the club!


Not just another tour that visits bars


Cozumel Bar Hop is one of the best tours in Cozumel and it’s not just us claiming this, it’s all of our amazing fans out there!  Check out what other Hoppers are saying about us on Trip Advisor.  Our Cozumel Bar Hop takes you to some of the best Beaches and Bars in Cozumel. However, we are more than just another tour that visits bars in Cozumel. As one guest stated, “Wasn’t that a party!!!!” Here

As the Original Bar Hop tour, we have worked very hard to set ourselves apart from the other tours in Cozumel. One of the ways that we have done that is by establishing long lasting friendships with our guests.

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So What’s a Fo-Ho?

be a foho

I’m sure that you probably noticed that we keep mentioning the term Fo-Ho here in this post, but not to worry, it’s nothing offensive! it’s actually quite simple. Fo-ho is a term that we have coined that means FOrmer HOpper!

So, being becoming a Fo-Ho is pretty easy, just come join the fun on the Cozumel Bar Hop with us and you can be a Fo-Ho too!  Trust me being a Fo-Ho is great! But don’t take my word for it, just listen to what some of other, Fellow Hoppers are saying.

“Great tour, great staff”

“Our 3rd hop was a great trip. Drinks are great, views are awesome, staff is friendly, and the company entertaining. You gotta go if you get the chance, no matter your age.”
As you can see from what others are saying, it’s not just about going to a bunch bars in Cozumel. What it really means is that you have just become a part of something awesome!

This really becomes evident when you start repeating your Bar Hop experience with each trip to Cozumel. Just one example of this is our good Friend and NINJA LEVEL FO-HO, Bob Eck who is one of our most experienced Hoppers to date. Bob has hopped with us 26 times and counting!!! Bob’s Wife Robin, is up to 11! Now that she’s retired, that number is bound to increase rapidly!

Bar Hopping in Cozumel is becoming a ritual for many of our awesome guests who come back time and time again!  They also stay active with us on Social Media over the long distances! Staying in touch with not just us, but also so many other fellow Hoppers as well.

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