1. We meet at Señor Frog's

If you’ve ever been to a Señor Frog’s, anywhere around the world, you already know that they’re a place where people of all backgrounds hang together, dance, sing and basically act the way they want. Their philosophy is simple: have fun, let yourself go and unleash your fiesta!

2. Punta Morena

You hear the birds and waves. You smell the sent of the water. You feel the caress of the breeze. You see the fish playing and all of the colors of a rainbow reflecting off the sea as the sun and water become one. It’s a little piece of heaven on earth.

3. Coconuts

In this unique restaurant you can relax, eat delicious food taste incredible refreshing drinks and enjoy the ocean view.

4. El Pescador

Excellent seafood, great atmosphere by one of the best beaches in Cozumel. The seafood is very fresh and the cooking simple yet excellent. Laidback atmosphere.

5. Rastas

Local Family business established since 1987, pioneers of the reggae style in our island. Managed by William Jr. And Monserrat second generation of the family.

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