It’s almost Thanksgiving Day!! A great celebration in Canada and the United States to honor the harvest and different blessings. A tradition that began in 1621 shared by English settlers called the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Wampanoag.


It doesn’t matter that it’s not a Mexican tradition, we Hoppers like to celebrate festivities from all over the world. And just like in other countries, we eat “Turkey”, which by the way is not originally from Turkey, we are very proud to let you know that it is a product of Mexico! We call it “pavo” or “guajolote” and there are two different species; Meleagris and Ocellated, both from the Yucatán Peninsula.


For Cozumel Bar Hop it is very important to celebrate traditions.


In the restaurants that you visit that day, ask for the menu, and you will find Mexican versions of the traditional food of Thanksgiving. You can celebrate by eating typical dishes from our area, such as “Relleno Negro” which is a mixture of black sauce with different spices on chicken meat and onion, “Filled Cheese” which is a mixture of pig’s milk with the traditional “ball cheese” from Yucatan. The cheese rind is filled with meat, spices and the cheese itself. It’s delicious, you should try it! In addition to food, if you stay more than one day visiting our island, which is the most recommended ☺ Cozumel always offers a variety of places to visit or things to do. Enjoy a traditional dinner or take the best tour to visit the other side of the island. Or just go to a restaurant and enjoy the beautiful sunset with a fabulous drink.


Cozumel Island offers exactly what you need or want and it is up to you to decide how to celebrate this holiday! So Hoppers, whatever your decision, make sure that it will be a unique experience surrounded by magic that only an island like Cozumel can bring to life. Happy Thanksgiving to all Hopper fans.

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