From Novice Hopper to Ninja Level Fo-Ho!

Hola Hoppers!

 We always say that the best compliment we can get is a return guest. So, we are pleased to see that so many of you have come back to Cozumel for more fun Bar Hopping gracias!

Now we know that many of you have multiple hops on your record, and of course we think you’re awesome and we salute you!
We also want to take some time today to celebrate one of our Fo-Hos as he hit a definite milestone, to say the least. This past month marked a record for one Fo-Ho, and so we want to introduce him to those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of hopping with him!

Ninja Level Hopper?


We are pretty sure that if you could be here hopping more, you would be. We say this because of how much we know you love hopping! One hopper who is the envy of hoppers everywhere has set the record for the number of times he’s Cozumel Bars been hopping! We introduce you to our amigo Bob Eck, a former pilot and self-ordained.


We introduce you to our amigo Bob Eck, a former pilot and self-ordained Mayan Ambassador. Now Bob is not just any Fo-Ho, this past month Bob added to his personal best record and has now done the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour 26 times!

Bob reached a milestone on March 6th by marking his 25th Bar Hop in Cozumel! Since Bob has hopped so many times with us, he has now received the glorious title of NINJA LEVEL HOPPER!
But wait, there’s more! His wife Robinn is following right along with him, with over 10 hops herself, and now that she’s recently retired, she’ll no doubt be keeping pace with her hubby!

How do you become a Ninja Level Hopper??


One of the secrets to becoming a Ninja Level Hopper is cruising multiple Bars in Cozumel-times a year. Now, Bob told me they cruise about 12 times a year! So with such frequent visits to the island, it´s obviously a record that isn´t going to be broken anytime soon.
I asked Bob why they always choose Cozumel on their cruise and it turns out that a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is just so convenient for them. Since they live in Florida they don´t really need to make any big travel arrangements. It’s easy for them to just hop on the cruise ship and come on down.

What keeps you coming back?


I asked Bob what he likes most about the Cozumel Bar Hop Tour and he and Robinn both agree; our excursion is one of the best places to meet and make new friends. He said that he just feels like he´s home on the Bar Hop because of the way he is treated, and because he knows all of the staff so well.

Knowing that Bob and Robinn, and so many of you Fo-Hos have made many great friends here is something that we are proud of. Like Bob, many of you have made friends on the Hop with whom you have stayed in touch and reunited with on more than just the Bar Hop in Cozumel.
Reaching Ninja Level Hopper can take some time since Bob started hopping back in 2010. But don’t worry we know you can do it too! Of course, it helps to live a short drive from a cruise ship home port and being retired, lol!




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