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Hello Dear Hoppers!

This pandemic has given us a lot of time to think, and to look for ways to continue keeping you entertained… would you like to learn a little Spanish?  Many of you have visited our corner of Mexico, and when you take our tour we always hope that you will learn a little bit more about our great culture while taking our Cozumel Bar Hop tour!


Today we want to teach you some good words, and also something fun.


For example:


First, a different way of saying beer in Mexico is CHELA (pronounced “CHELLA”)


One more beer please

Otra cerveza por favor 

¡Otra Chela por favor!


You are cool

Eres buena onda!


I’m hungover

Estoy muy crudo  


There is a word where the meaning changes depending on how you use it


GUEY or WEY (pronounced “WAY”)


Which is the equivalent of “Dude”


But you can also say, eres muy wey 


it means you are very dumb!


Now we go with some longer sentences!


My head is spinning, where is the yellow bucket? haha that is very useful!

¡Mi cabeza da vueltas! Dónde está la cubeta amarilla?


These are your first Spanish lessons. If you liked it and want to learn more, leave your comments, also tell us what other words you know!! And when you come to do the tour, if you tell us 15 words in Spanish, we will give you a coozie!! CHEERS 



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