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Hola Hoppers!

 Bar Hopping in Cozumel doesn´t take you to a bunch or random bars in Cozumel. We could run you to the nearest bars so that you could hop off the bus and drink. However, that would mean missing out on what Cozumel really has to offer.

The east side of Cozumel is known for its natural beauty. With the open Caribbean Sea as the backdrop, it´s ideal for some amazing photos. It really does call out to our inner photographer.


Say CHEESE! Photos on the bar hop!

The Cozumel Bar Hop will take you to some of the best bars in Cozumel. One of the things that make these bars so great are the striking locations. Each of the Cozumel beach bars we visit has great scenery that will blow you away.

There are so many great places for pictures at each one of the stops on the Bar Hop Tour. Whether you want to get a good shot from the cove area at Punta Morena, or from the high vantage points at Coconuts bar, you will definitely get some spectacular shots!

We believe that this is important since creating memorable experiences is one of the reasons to travel.

Here is a recent review from a guest:

This tour was personally recommended by a friend and was the main highlight of our recent cruise (Don’t be confused by competitors with a similar name).

This is a perfect tour for those wanting to get away from the tourist traps on the island and is perfect for a cruise ship excursion or for someone vacationing on the island.

As a local resident, our tour guide Colleen was very insightful and entertaining. She had a story and history of the all the sites we saw and the bars we visited. Each bar visited had its own distinctive flare and the beaches and views were absolutely spectacular!

We were in a late model van with cold A/C and our driver Javier was great!

We look forward to doing this again as a FoHo (former hopper) on our next trip to Cozumel!




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